I reached inside myself through time
Texts from Olaf Stapledon's timeline for Last and First Men, an acapella recording of Morten Harket's vocals for The Sun always shines on TV sourced on-line, True Type (digital) rendering of the Futura font by Paul Renner, high resolution impulse response recordings made in various spaces in Lofoten, Reaper DAW with convolution reverb plug-in, Feonic audio-actuators, stereo amplifier, 2 Raspberry-Pi computers running Raspbian, Openframeworks open source toolkit, programming, modified LCD screen, Arduino Uno with 2.8" TFT display, anti-static bag, aluminium profiles, cables, cable glands, nuts, bolts, screws, wood, webbing, ratchet-straps, Easygrow Eco Silver White Lightite film, padding, black carpet and red oil paint.
Installation shots by Jon Benjamin Tallerås, courtesy LIAF.