A Leisure Complex
A scripted promenade performance for a rollerskater, an actress, a guitarist and a teenage dancer, incorporating a boombox, a specially commissioned flower arrangement, a re-edited version of Runaway Boys by The Stray Cats, One More Kiss Dear by Peter Skellern and Vangelis, Mystery Train by Junior Parker, a re-edit of Footloose by Kenny Loggins, a spotlight and various other stage lights, an mp3 player, a HD LED/LCD screen and stand, a Raspberry Pi seamlessly looping a HD animation, several PA systems, a radio mic, two HD video projectors, two laptops, one freestanding video screen, an excerpt from an episode of Antiques Roadshow, various YouTube videos concerning the material Graphene, metal bleachers, various pieces of furniture, a piece of parrot coal, sellotape, graphite, lanyards, a clipboard, a guitar and amplifier, disco lights, costumes, various cables, and food and drink.
Antiques Roadshow footage courtesy the BBC. Documentation images courtesy Alan McIlarth & Michal Zagorski.