"As far as I know, there were other buildings here before,
but they were demolished. A couple of friends of mine studied
architecture and I think this mound is actually made from what
I've heard them call 'the spoil' of those demolished buildings."
PRECAST is an exhibition structured as an hour-long performative event set in the environs of Robin Hood Gardens and Preston's Road roundabout, in Blackwall, East London. The event draws on cinema, sculpture, music and performance, knotting material and immaterial circuits, replaying past and present 'signals' to create points of constructive and destructive interference.

At the edge of Canary Wharf, submerged in the concrete island of Preston Road roundabout, is a pedestrian thoroughfare fashioned as a semi-enclosed amphitheatre, criss-crossed, surrounded and given form by successive waves of spatial imaginings and re-imaginings. Docklands Light Railway line and the A13 motorway pass overhead, and the Blackwall Tunnel snakes through the earth under foot. In close proximity: a McDonald’s; a recently constructed apartment block; several hotels; Reuters' Data Centre, designed by Richard Rogers Partnership; and the Brutalist Robin Hood Gardens Estate, designed by Alison and Peter Smithson, which was completed in 1972 and is currently scheduled for demolition in 2014.
Transportation and accommodation.
Infrastructure and architecture.
Silicon, copper, concrete and magnets.
PRECAST is Dennis McNulty’s first solo presentation in London, curated by Chris Fite-Wassilak . Following his multi-faceted performances at Performa 11 and the Irish Museum of Modern Art 20th Anniversary Season, PRECAST is a new work developed in response to this complex urban situation.

PRECAST is a pre-booked event.

Meet at front gate of

Poplar Business Park,
10 Preston's Road,
London E14 9EX.


Performance begins promptly
at 4pm every Saturday and Sunday,
15 September - 7 October 2012.

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An evening conversation between artist Dennis McNulty and curator Chris Fite-Wassilak, around McNulty's PRECAST project and its relationship to his previous works.

7pm on Thursday 4th October, at

The Nunnery,
181 Bow Road,
London E3 2SJ.

The café will be open serving drinks and light snacks from 6pm.

Dennis McNulty's work is generated through an investigation of embodied knowledge in relation to other forms of knowledge, in the context of the built environment. Beginning with detailed research of various kinds, and informed by his studies in psychoacoustics, the works often take hybrid forms, drawing on aspects of cinema, sculpture, sound and performance.

Past projects include Another Construction, Irish Museum of Modern Art (2011); The Eyes of Ayn Rand, Performa 11 (2011); and http://alpha60.info, São Paulo Bienal (2004).

Chris Fite-Wassilak is a writer, curator and critic based in London. He is a regular contributor to Art Monthly, Art Papers, Art Review, frieze, and Monopol. Past curatorial projects include the Hayward Touring exhibition Quiet Revolution, and Open; Wait: Margrét H. Blöndal and Silvia Bächli, i8 Gallery, Reykjavik. Forthcoming projects include Loving The Alien at Maria Stenfors, London.